Friday, October 9, 2009

I Love Candy!

So... This week at school there was a "candy drive" for our upcoming "Autumn Eve" thing. The class with the most candy IN POUNDS wins 10 tickets per kid to the Autumn Eve and the teacher wins $50 to Lakeside Village (shopping/movies/restaurants). This was a BIG incentive and I was ready to win!

Monday: Mrs. R was in the lead
Tuesday: Miss Lewis was in the lead
Wednesday: Miss Lewis was in the lead
Thursday: Mrs. R was in the lead (by 6 pounds)
Friday: Miss Lewis WINS (by 16 pounds)

My class brought in 231 POUNDS of candy!!!!!!!!

It was so crazy and close all week! I couldn't believe it!! My class was so excited that we won! They had brought SO MUCH candy in all week! and I was totally excited to get my gift card! It was a SUPER FUN day!

Today... I love candy!