Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well... I'm not a great blogger. I guess I need to have a kid to really have exciting pictures and funny stories to post about... My life isn't that exciting. However, since it is February and I haven't posted anything since CHRISTMAS I figured I better do something! - Thanks for the push, Katie!

Everything has been going well with me. Staying SUPER busy. I basically have something going on EVERY night, but that isn't a bad thing! I'm not bored - that's for sure.

I'm half way through course 4 (the final course) in my Wilton Cake Decorating classes. I have learned a LOT and it's been really fun! If you are interested at all in decorating cakes, just for yourself even, you should take the courses. It's been awesome! You can take them at any Michael's Craft Store.

Here is a picture of my last cake in course 3...
I also have my first paying cake request... I'm making a cake for a birthday party this weekend. YAY! I think it will be fun. Maybe I'll post that one before summer... we'll see! :)