Sunday, March 21, 2010


Spring is finally here! YAY!
This means...
Spring Break - YES!
My Birthday - Wooo Hooo!
Warm Weather (hopefully) - FINALLY!
and best of all....
School is almost OUT! - YEAH!

I like the spring!

March is a busy month for us, but filled with fun things! However, this week is PACKED!

First of all, Matt just signed a lease for his recording studio (The Vanguard Room). Demolition started last week and it's been crazy! The space is awesome, but was in terrible condition and not set up to be a studio at all. Matt has been up there helping with the demoing all week and I went up there yesterday. I have to admit I was pretty excited to go up there and help. So, I picked out my best construction worker outfit...
*old jeans
*long sleeve shirt (arm protection)
*with my Sea World T-shirt on top
*old tennis shoes
*Budweiser hat (yes, I have one of these.
It was a gift from the people I
babysit for that sell beer.)
*mask (you aren't allowed to go in without one)

At first I just stood around and collected all the tools off the ground while Matt was sweeping things up. Then, I got bored so I started filling up the wheel barrows with stuff they had already torn down. By the end of the day, I had scraped up all the aluminum flooring out of an entire room and made a million trips to the dumpster. Construction work is HARD! And let me tell you, when I woke up this morning... my whole body was sore! If I did that for a living I would have one amazing body!! I worked muscles I didn't even know I had!!!

Back to my busy week...
Today... Family Fun Night with Matt's family and we're celebrating my birthday!
Monday... Matt's dad is in town, so we're having dinner with him!
Tuesday... LOST night at my house and getting a massage (tell you about that later)
Wednesday... Church, then birthday dinner with friends!
Thursday... Birthday dinner with my family!
Friday... Leaving for the St. George Island!!!
Saturday... MY BIRTHDAY and VACATION!!!

Ready to start my week!!! 5 Days until Spring Break!!! YAY!!!