Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I made it to San Diego, CA today! Mary Grace, Grady, and I arrived around noon and Katie and Anna Cross were there ready to greet us at the airport!

We've had a great day, but you will never believe what happened today!!!

We were all sitting on the ground in Katie and Beau's house and all of a sudden MG said "What is that??" and the ground was moving under us... it was like a dizzy, standing on jello kind of feeling... and Katie said "It's an earthquake!" Well... before we could even move it was over, but HOW CRAZY!!!! I survived my first earthquake... apparently they happen all the time here, but you wouldn't know it... It's been on the news here from the moment it happened... going on 3 hours of coverage right now.

More updates to come!!! - Hopefully earthquake free! :)

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