Monday, July 12, 2010

Still on vacation!!

Right now I'm still in San Diego, CA with Mary Grace, Grady, Katie, Beau, and Anna Cross. We've been having a GREAT time! Katie and Beau are wonderful hosts and Mary Grace, Grady and I are having fun experiencing California! I will post lots of pictures and details about our trip when I get home, but for now..... Here a few pics from the week. :)MG, AC, & GM
The Beach Ball cake I made for Anna Cross's First Birthday!

Beau, Anna Cross, & Katie (AND the "after" of the cake)

Grady & Me at the BEACH!

Me & Mary Grace


  1. Great pictures....LOVE the looks awesome!!!!

  2. i'm ready to meet grady. once he meets me he'll realize that you are BORING and i am AWESOME!

  3. Matt... I'm already Grady's favorite... He thinks I'M AWESOME.

  4. We had a blast with you... we MISS YOU!

  5. Love the pictures! How fun. The cake is adorable!!!